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11 Feb '16

New ALOHA apparel now available!!!

Posted by Anthony Marcus in New Product


Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce or new ALOHA apparel! We are happy to bring you this new design in 2 different colors for men and 3 different colors for women. Really hope you like it and remember that even when you're banging iron in the iron jungle, always do it with some ALOHA!!!

19 Jan '16

New Shirts and THANK YOU's

Posted by Anthony Marcus
Its been a rough few months since we opened this store and started. Would like to thank everyone that has shown love and supported us from the 808 to the mainland!! Thank you!! Now we will be releasing a new shirt and tank tops soon. We hope you like what you have seen so far and so much more to come. Once again THANK YOU ALL for your love and support! keep BENDing them bars and setting new records, limits & PR's!!!
06 Nov '15

The beginning....

Posted by Anthony Marcus

This is the GRAND OPENING of the Bar Benders Union webpage. We hope you like what you see and will enjoy our products. We strive to make new designs that encourage everyone to give their best at anything they do. Always set the bar high then fight to bend that bar until you BREAK THROUGH IT!! Hope you like the products we have and will always look forward to any of our future designs!